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What is Search Engine Optimization and Why is it Important?

 SEO is a marketing tactic that is critical to the success of a website in today’s world.

Below is a good bit of information on what seo is and how we implement it here at JSD Digital. By no means is this a complete analysis of all the seo practices and information out there. This is a list of information we find most valuable and our clients find helpful to better understand what it is we do and why we do it.

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What Is SEO “Search Engine Optimization” ?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of adjusting and optimizing a website for the purpose of increasing the quantity and quality of (free) traffic coming from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the purpose of increasing online visibility, leads, and conversions.  This practice is a form of Digital/Internet Marketing that goes back to the the early 90’s when the first search engines came about and began an attempt to log and categorize the web. As web developers and web masters began to realize and understand how search engines worked the process of SEO began to form. With the use of the written word “web spiders”/ “crawlers”/”Bots” scower the pages of content on the web jumping from link to link taking in all of the content that is available. This intern lead to indexing by what is called an indexer where the information about a certain web page ie content, key words, location and links are stored and then crawled at a late date in the future. As people began to understand how this process worked and began to see the relevance of making sure a web page was optimized for specific search terms within the various search engines one by one people began to manipulate this to their benefit. As time went on and the major search engines like Google began to implement algorithm updates such as Panda and Penguin have resulted in outdated SEO tactics hurting the rankings of the once past optimized sites. In today’s world wide web search engines mostly work the same as they did back in the 90’s. However, as technology advances these companies have a greater and greater capacity to filter out spam and what they see as web manipulation, making the process of optimization ever changing and much more granulated to date. This is not to say that Search Engine Optimization is loosing its effect, just the opposite however. The companies and people that stay on top of the ever changing internet landscape are even more capable of harnessing the power of free traffic for the benefit of others. The effort of organic search results in today’s world is in understanding what has happened over the last 10-15 years with algorthym updates and making sure that a website has not fallen prey to a penalty unknowingly ether by, over site, outdated seo tactics, lack of knowledge, or many other reasons.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Improtant?

The importance of SEO is highly variable from business to business. Millions of people flock to Google day in and day out looking for information to the questions they have and solutions to the problems they are facing. If you website has the information someone is looking for and potentially has a service that could help them, making sure that your site is visible on the first page is crucial to that potential visitor finding your site. Unfortunately, in today’s world that attention span of most people is around 3 seconds. If something is not in their face and apparent within that amount of time most people will go look somewhere else for what they are looking for. There are billions of website out there in the ocean of the world wide web, and yours is just one! Statistically speaking there are probably many other sites out that have just as relevant, if not more relevant information than yours does. How can you appeal to these potential visitors if other site out there have the same or better information than you do? The answer lies in how your site is optimized for that content and if it is visible to the masses with just a few clicks of a mouse. How many times have you gone to Google to search for something specific? Many right? Well that majority of the first page results are no more than huge companies with hugely optimized sited paying copywriters to pump out relevant search content. Now most of the time this is legitimate relevant information, but often written by someone who is not an expert in the field. You are an expert at what you do and should be seen as such. All it takes to be visible and relevant is a little time and hard work from someone who know what they are doing. Making sure your Local SEO tactics are relevant and effective in today’s world is becoming increasingly important.

What is the Process of SEO and How do you do it?

The first step in our SEO process is on-page optimization. On Page optimizations is done by modifying and adjusting a websites architecture. Within this process, a website is evaluated using several key metrics such as

  • Site Structure:
    • Is the Structure of the website laid out in a way that is conducive to to understanding what the entire site is about and easily understandable by humans and search engines, or is the site laid out in a poor unorganized way with repeating and redundant information without related information to back it up?
  • Quality Content with Relevant Keywords using Latent Semantic Indexing “Related Terms” :
    • Making sure your content is written in a natural informative way is what both people want and what google wants. Just think about a site like Wikipedia. Wikipedia cross references everything they talk about. This informs both the readers and the search engines how to understand the content and clarify any missed information.
  • Proper Schema Mark Up
    • Structured Date mark up is one of the most important aspects and often overlooked or wrongly implemented aspects of on page SEO in today’s world.  The proper use of Schema will make all the difference in a search engine being able to accurately understand what a website or webpage is about.
  • Site Speed and Mobile Indexing Speed
    • Come June- July 2018 site speed and mobile first indexing will play a much larger role in how a site is ranked. Making sure your site is fast and light weight is more of a ranking factor than ever. Making sure your page contains AMP pages is crucial for mobile rankings now.
  • Image Mark Up
    • Making sure your images and videos are market correctly plays a huge role in indexing.

The Second Process in our SEO Process is Off Site Work.

First it is important to understand that in today’s world if your on page optimization is not spot on, then your off site work will be much less effective.

  • Citation Building
    • This comes in handy for local businesses, having concise and accurate Name, Address and Phone numbers across the web is a large factor in how a search engine understands where your business is and how to list it in the search results.
    • On the other hand if you have inaccurate or varying information out there it can hurt your rankings.
  • Back Link Building
    • Most people are familiar with this term. This is a process of creating links from other sites to your site to boost your relevance with in a specific topic or niche. Our process is clean and white hat, many SEO’s out there in the world rely on old out dated link building tactics that now have the potential to penalize your site if done incorrectly.
  • Social Media Presence
    • This is less important overall but helps a search engine know you are an active business with a health following.

The Third Factor that we implement here at JSD Digital is Traffic and Conversions.

  • Traffic
    • As the algorithms update, traffic and user engagement play a very relevant part in overall rankings. Making sure that your site has a high user engagement creates a trifecta of  the 2 above mentioned methods we utilize.
  • Reviews
    • Having positive reviews helps with overall engagement and helps show a search engine that the people coming to your site are pleased with the service they have received.

This is a basic over view of what we do here at JSD Digital to help you rise through the ranks and become the most relevant company for your related products, services and content.

Summing up our Process

Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental tool for any business. With the internet acting as the largest forum for customers and businesses alike, the role of proper organic search engine marketing is to put a system in place to navigate this digital realm. SEO is the process of bringing those searching to a specific website resonating with their criteria. Simply put, SEO is the practice of funneling the quantity and quality of online traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Lets unravel what quantity, quality, and organic search engine results mean to business owners.

Quality. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use an algorithm to organize the data on every website within the internet. Basic information is generated automatically by this algorithm to help search engines understand and index the purpose of different websites. These algorithms are automated software, often referred to as web crawlers, spiders, bots, or robots. These spiders are crawling from link to link, site to site, every second of every day determining relevance. From businesses to media sources to social media, every website is analyzed by search engines as they categorize the page and pair to key words. These key words act as a navigator identifying search criteria like location, services, or general topics. SEO works by aligning the algorithm’s requirements with a business’s website. There are many factors that go into key word ranking, and to get the quality demographic that is looking for your brand, a website must register in the search engine’s algorithm.

At JSD Digital, our proprietary organic tactics utilize the latest technology on the market, keeping our client’s websites relevant and visible to the search engine’s indexing. We identify key words that will pair future clients who are searching for your business. Thus increasing the quality of the leads generated through the optimization.

Quantity. Search engines funnel web traffic based on these same algorithms. Once a site begins to rank, momentum is gained and the site will appear more frequently and becomes easier to find. Lets take an example: Google’s algorithm will generate a “PageRank” for every site as it analyzes the relevance of the data in correspondence to various subject matter. For Google to recognize a website as a relevant business, it will look for specific data like page links, content, and layout. These requirements range from technical coding to website layout and include moving targets as the algorithm periodically updates. JSD Digital analyzes and adapts client’s websites to drive traffic to your domain. Once the site begins to rank, more and more leads are generated as traffic to the site increases. Once the traffic increases, additional criteria comes into play – like the navigation process within a website. JSD Digital also works with each client to keep the web traffic on the site as long as possible, until contact has been made or a solid lead has been generated.


Further Analysis 

JSD Digital implements “White Hat” tactics.

What does White Hat mean in the world linking and traffic White hat is basically the effective use of safe tactics that follow all policies and protocols set by search engines.

One key strategy in White Hat efforts are backlink building, search based traffic and proper onpage optimization. Backlinks, or in bound links (IBLs) are the fundamentals to successful Search Engine Optimization campaign. Think of the links between websites as the “streets” that navigate the internet. The more “streets” (AKA backlinks) within the internet that lead to the same site, the more traffic will land on that domain. This is a simple principle of navigating the internet.

The white hat technique of back linking will ultimately get your website on the first page of a Google search. Once the site appears there, a bench mark has been accomplished. Now the focus shifts to maintaining this ranking. Search algorithms are constantly looking to refresh their data. This requires a constant demand for a site to stay proactive with their local business consultants protocol. As a business in today’s online market, SEO is critical because most of your potential customers will not search beyond the first page of a search engine. A site must be both easy to navigate by users and understandable by search engine algorithms. JSD Digital uses all the available safe techniques to generate the best ranking possible.

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