Protect Your Online Reputation

Let us show you how to manage and protect your or your businesses reputation online.

Since the internet has entered the modern marketplace, business exchanges and consumer interactivity has dramatically changed. Before the internet marketplace, businesses largely relied on word of mouth – which has a limited reach. Today, positive feedback gives new customers comfort and confidence in any brand. And, in turn, a negative review can immediately send prospects running to a competitor.

The business of reputation management refers to monitoring the reputation of an individual or brand and ultimately controlling what shows up when a search is engaged or brand is reviewed. As consumers conduct more and more of their commerce online, the power and control over the market lives in their reviews. Online reputation can be the biggest benefit for gaining new customers.

In a recent study conducted by MIT, 85% of online consumers base their opinion on customer reviews to understand a product or service. “72% of internet users trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.”  Bottom line: Your online reputation is synonymous to credibility for internet users.

The simple fact is unavoidable: online reputation builds trust with consumers. For a brand to be successful against its competitors, this fact bust be embraced and used to the brand’s advantage. This is an aspect of online commerce that requires a strong strategy to build a positive presence. Adequate reputation management requires technical expertise and aggressive monitoring. JSD Digital strives to combine technical skill with passion and determination; bringing you the best image for your brand.

To stay competitive, brands need to actively work towards improving and sculpting their online reputation. The online competition is more fierce today and every niche is expanding. Do you need a reputation makeover? What is the consumer consensus of your brand? JSD Digital works hand in hand to understand your online reputation goals and brand motto.

JSD Digital implements many solutions to cultivate their client’s online reputation. One of our many approaches is to embrace consumer interactivity. This refers to the ability for a consumer to leave a review and share feedback. First, we will make sure your site itself is designed to receive reviews. We will rank these reviews and share select feedback on your site that supports the brand motto. By allowing visitors on the site to see first hand reviews from previous customers, we begin to build a foundation of trust necessary to gain customer support.

Beyond the brand domain, it is important to consider outside platforms where prospective customers are cross-referencing your brand. Many consumers will source reviews from several independent websites to look for additional brand information from fellow consumers. On average, businesses risk losing 22% of business when a negative review comes up on the first page of their results. JSD Digital will monitor visibility on these third party reviewing sites like yelp, consumer reports, trusted reviews, and others. Through managing the reviews, we will cultivate a positive reputation in the marketplace. We will aid in communication if a question is posted. We will encourage correspondence showing personal attention to your customers and building a friendly rapport.  If a review blemish appears, we will immediately rectify the review and work with coding algorithms to push this review to a low priority, meaning it will not appear as a first page review. As your brand’s reputation grows in a positive light, more trust is grained in the marketplace.

JSD Digital will also implement review building campaigns. Asking your clients to share feedback is a critical resource for reputation building. We create systems of generating automated email requests for feedback after a transaction. This approach gives consumers the option to share their feedback internally. Once reviews are submitted, JSD Digital will help catalogue, respond and share reviews. We will showcase outstanding reviews on various third-party online platforms, generating a buzz around your brand. This organic process relies on customer feedback and has a high resonance with prospective customers. We will also communicate with third-party reviewing sites to boost visibility and positive feedback.

Through these customized tactics, JSD Digital works to put your brand’s best foot forward. To find out more about JSD Digital Online Reputation Management, fill out our contact information below for a reputation audit. Let us help bring your brand to its full potential!